Welcome to our site dedicated to the breeds of EES and Siberian Husky.
Here you will find information about our dogs, about the puppies, breed on the plan, the results of our dogs at shows,
You will be able to get acquainted with the breed standard, information on maintenance and cultivation.
Our nursery has been studying and breeding purebred dogs, delivering essential health,
carefully study the selection line pairs for mating
and always make their choice in favor of continuing to obtain the most smooth and healthy litter.
The main rule of our breeding activity: Never in our work do not participate dogs of unknown origin
(zero / initial pedigrees)
and dogs with marriage, rude breed flaws – because we believe that there is no need to multiply everything, thus only littered breed.

picking up a nursery for future producers we do not aim to tie gray with gray or black with black) or the fashionable with trendy no,

we start from the anatomy of origin, the presence of the least amount of disadvantages.
We are members of only one international canine organization FCI-UKU
and it does not consist in alternative organizations.
We do not have the flow of puppies, we do not belt, we – kennel!,
We understand the seriousness of breeding and are ready to take responsibility for each puppy-vypusknikka our house.
Our children live in different countries and give pleasure to their owners.
Dogs of our breeding adequately exhibited in the breed ring of our country and many other countries,
have excellent descriptions, high ratings and recognition of world-class experts,
But with all this we never make loud statements about shoushnosti our dogs and our puppies,
We are not looking for the glory of the imaginary, we take a sober look at the population and we return a report to all our actions.
In our subjective opinion, based on work with different breeds of dogs:
Show dogs are not born!
They are dogs who do not have coarse rock faults and vices,
subject to significant physical and financial investments of their owners!
Exhibition and breeding success of the dog depends not only on who she was born, but the conditions under which it grew!
You can completely deprive SHOW prospects of correct and beautiful puppy of the litter,
if properly feed and care for your dog. We did and will never assure that our puppies show!
We have a healthy and promising breed puppies,
SHOW stars they will only if you them so to do!

Viktoriya & Evelina Bobrovy

Viktoriya PRIDE kennel…